Body Contouring Frederick

Body Contouring Frederick

Body Contouring In Frederick: Guide To Body Contouring For Post Bariatric Patients

The joy of successful weight loss cannot be complete if it leaves horrible looking excess skin behind. The skin is known to be naturally elastic that stretches to fit the body's weight-loss or weight gain. But, this elasticity tends to diminish over time due to some factors which lead to having excess skin.

These factors can be age, lifestyle, gene, sun exposure, etc. No amount of exercise or diet can curb this menace except through body contouring in Frederick. The following are tips for anyone that have excess skin due to post bariatric surgery or any other form of weight loss.

The parts of body that are commonly affected after massive weight loss, excess skin is commonly found on the face, buttocks, upper arm and back. Also, there is a term known as pannus. This is the excess fold of skin at the stomach area all the way to the groin area. It's very common for post bariatric patients to experience this. Aside from its unattractiveness, it can also cause back pain and skin irritation.

How to prepare for body contouring

Generally, 1 to 2 years after bariatric surgery, the body should be ready for the procedure. But then, a well trained and experienced plastic surgeon should be consulted so as to decide whether your body is fit for body contouring in Frederick. Before the surgery, make sure your body is getting the right diet and supplement so that recovery would be hastened. It's also important for smokers to quit at least two months before the procedure.

An adequate financial plan should be made available to cover the cost and expenses of the procedure. Then most importantly, make sure you surround yourself with your loved ones to offer emotional support throughout the period.

Body contouring procedures

    Abdominoplasty: This can also be called lower body lift as it comprises tummy tuck, thigh and buttock lift. It is the most common form of procedure done after weight loss. It's economical to have the three procedures done together than having multiple surgeries. Moreover, scarring would be significantly reduced as one long scar is used to achieve all the results. Breast lift: this is also common among post bariatric patients. This can be done in conjunction with breast reduction or breast enlargement. Face and neck lift: Excess skin on the face and neck is always a great discomfort. It can ruin your self-confidence. This procedure is performed by having incisions around the ears. Brachioplasty: This is known as the arm lift. It is used for removing excess skin on the upper arm. The procedure is done by creating a long incision from under the armpit to just above the elbow. And the scars are mostly not visible when the arms are rested by the side.

Note that all the procedures are done under the influence of general anesthesia. And each of them has their different recovery time and rate. So, the surgical experience can vary from person to person depending on well you prepared your body for the procedure. Performing body contouring in Frederick is easy. Just make sure you do adequate research and talk to past patients to know about their experiences.


Body Contouring Frederick
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Body Contouring Frederick

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