Five Amazing Foods for Your Skin

When it comes to eating right for your skin, the list of great foods for your skin options is a mile long.

One of the best ways to change your diet, and therefore improve your skin, is to simply crowd out the bad foods with the good. Spend your time focusing on putting good food into your body and you won’t have as much room (or desire) left for the bad ones.

There are so many foods to choose from that picking just five was a challenge. Instead of giving you a list of what not to eat, here are our top five foods that will enhance the skin regime you already have in place, plus are great for your overall health:

Crowd out the bad foods with the good

1. Salmon

Fatty fish, such as salmon, are high in essential fatty acids (like Omega-3 and Omega-6), an important part of creating the cell membrane, which influences how the cell holds water. That is, they help your skin stay supple and plump.



2. Walnuts

These nuts are also high in essential fatty acids, including the important omega-3s that help fight inflammation, according to this study from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health which compared NSAIDs to essential fatty acids (in the form of fish oil) as an anti-inflammatory aid.



3. Quinoa

If you have never heard of the ancient grain quinoa (pronounced keen-wa), now is the perfect time to introduce this whole grain into your diet.  The mineral selenium found in quinoa, also an anti-inflammatory, has many health qualities, but, most important for your skin, has antioxidant properties found to slow the aging of skin. Bonus: quinoa is GMO and gluten free!



4. Squash

Of course you’ve heard you should be eating a rainbow of vegetable – the more colorful the better. Squash is one of the more delightfully colored vegetables that has an array of uses.  They’re packed with the vitamins and antioxidants your skin needs to protect itself from damage and to promote cell turn over.  Give your complexion a lovely glow with beta carotene – within a week look for a radiant warmer golden healthy glow – works like a charm!


5. Water

Although not technically a food, water is an indisputably important factor to healthy skin. Not only does water plump skin cells, it helps your body flush out toxins. Ever noticed your complexion is dull and sallow when you eat a lot of unhealthy foods? Flush out the “junk” with water.

These five foods are just one step in the right direction toward a healthier lifestyle and are great foods for your skin. Remember, eating right, whether is be for your general health or for your skin, doesn’t have to be tackled in one day, or even in one week. Your skin will thank you for it!