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infinithumb-3Infini is High Intensity Focused RF with insulated microneedles.  It is a relatively new option to treat textural irregularities like wrinkling and acne scarring.  In addition, patients can expect some tightening with Infini treatments as well.  Unlike many lasers, any skin type or complexion can be treated with the Infini.  It has less downtime than other ablative and non-ablative fractional lasers.  Using microneedles with focused RF thermal injury to the second layer of the skin allow for improved results over non-thermal microneedle delivery with fewer treatments.

Infini serves as a superior method for skin rejuvenation, scar remodeling, and skin tightening.  Build collagen for more refined skin and smaller pores.  Volumize your skin and soften those fine wrinkles with Infini.

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Top Questions and Answers on Infini Skin Tightening 

  1. What makes Infini different than other RF devices?  The Infini delivers fractional not bulk heating, the needles are insulated, and the needle depths are variable.  Therefore, this allows for maximal collage stimulation when penetration occurs at varying depths. 
  2. What can I expect after my Infini treatment?  Mild redness can last 7-10 days.  Yet, usually most redness and swelling significantly reduces after 24-36 hours.  Fine scaling, dryness, or peeling can also occur during this time frame.  The face heals the quickest, while the neck trails behind a few days.  All skin types can be safely treated on the Infini. 
  3. How long does a treatment take?  The face takes around 45 minutes, while the neck or décolleté take around 30 minutes. 
  4. How do I care for my skin immediately after an Infini treatment? Skin care must be only the prescribed creams.  The day of the treatment, we like our patients to keep the skin clean and dry.  Regular exercise can resume the next day.  Sun protection should occur for the general health of your skin.  Yet, unlike lasers, sun avoidance is not as mandatory. 
  5. Should I use ice or motrin after my procedure?  Only if the symptoms are terribly bothersome to you.  The results are somewhat dependent on inflammation, and both of which are inhibited with ice and steroids. 
  6. How many treatments are needed?  We recommend at least 4 treatments for everyone.  Some people might be happy with only one, but that is uncommon.  Younger patients wanting only preventative treatments can get one yearly. Acne scarring clients should consider at least 4, and might be more satisfied with 5 or 6. 
  7. How does Infini affect fillers? Dermal fillers are not significantly affected during your treatments.  However, the preference would be to receive your Infini treatments first before you restore your volume with dermal fillers from the Juvederm and Restylane families. 
  8. How long should I wait between treatments?  Consecutive treatments can be done as close as 3 or 4 weeks. If this is not possible because of your schedule, don’t worry, the final results are not affected dramatically. 
  9. How painful is the Infini?  Most patients will rate the majority of the procedure a 3/10.  The areas which might be higher are over the bone, such as the forehead, cheeks, and jawline.  At Frederick Dermatology Associates, we have a protocol for patients to be comfortable during their procedure.  This includes a prescription topical and oral pain regimen. 
  10. Can the Infini be used on other parts of the body?  We routinely treat the neck and chest in conjunction with the face treatment.  Other areas we have treated are arm, stomach, and knee laxity.  Infini can be used on all areas of the body. 
  11. What patients cannot receive an Infini treatment?  Very few patients wouldn’t be candidates.  Patients with pacemakers should not be treated.  If there is metal in an area of the face, the skin overlying this area can not be treated.  Patients on blood thinners can be treated but will get bruising.  Aspirin needs 7 days for it’s action to be completely reversed on the platelets.  Patients with severely sun damaged skin will theoretically respond less than a person with healthy skin. 
  12. Why is Infini safe for darker skin patients?  The Infini is protective of the epidermis, where the pigment cells are, because it’s needles are insulated. Also, the depth can be adjusted so the heat from the RF stays in the dermis, below the most superficial layer.  Other devices are either not insulated, or try to push heat through the skin, potentially damaging the pigment cells. 
  13. How long do results last?  The collagen created will last for several years.  However, the amount of collagen is variable, and depends on the overall skin health, patient’s health, smoking habits, age, tanning, sun exposure, and lifestyle.  It is usually recommended to have a “touch up” performed every 12-18 months. 

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