Liquid Facelift & Facial Volumizing

As you age, you lose volume in the soft tissue underneath skin.  This results in saggy, hollow, or a sunken appearance of the face.  Dermal fillers can restore volume and improve your youthful appearance.

The artistic aspect of this portion of cosmetic dermatology is highly injector variable.   Depending on your provider, you can end up with very different end results.  At Frederick Dermatology, feel assured that you will achieve natural results.  Our philosophy is to make you look refreshed and realistically 3-5 years younger.

liquidfacelift1You may not look twenty years old again, but you will look yourself, and have a new sense of self-confidence. Your friends should not be able to tell that you are receiving dermal fillers.  They may comment about how beautiful you look.  Yet, they should not be able to put their finger on the exact procedure you had done.  At Frederick Dermatology Associates, we pride ourselves on these superior natural results from this non-invasive procedure.  This is our specialty.  Let us show you how good you can look with little downtime, and do away with the fear of looking artificial by risky surgical procedures.

Safety is of the highest importance at Frederick Dermatology Associates Center for Aesthetic Medicine.  As board certified dermatologists who keep up-to-date with advanced injection techniques, you can feel secure with your decision to take the next step towards looking rejuvenated.  You can be reassured injectors know their facial anatomy and understand how this relates to the safety of their injections to the patient.

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